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Event in Greece

Event ‘Quality pig breeding techniques in Greece’

A four-days training event took place in the period 14-17/2/2022, organized online by the Greek partner University of Thessaly from Greece.
Experts from Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal and Lithuania had the opportunity to exchange ideas, innovation and experiences with speakers (namely, researchers, professors, technicians and operators) who presented issues, exemplar solutions and new trends in pig breeding and VET in Greece.

Namely, these external speakers have been the follwing:
Nikolaos Mallias Bros (Pig Farming Unit – Feed Trade Aidini, Magnisia, Greece); Dimitrios Stathonikos (Agronomist – Extensive Pig Farming Breeder, Anavra, Magnisia, Greece); Vasileios Anestis (Agricultural University of Athens), Konstantinos Vilanakis (Agronomist – Researcher); Thanasis Garsen (Center for Animal Genetic Resources – Ministry of Rural Development); George Dimokas (Agriculture Farm Consulting); Fotiadis Farm, Black Pig Of Olympus, Katerini, Olympus, Greece; Bairamoglou Organic Farm, Farsala, Larissa, Greece; Ilias Giannenas (Director of Laboratory of Nutrition, School of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki); Georgios Papakonstantinou (DVM, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Thessaly); Konstantinos Skriapas (Economist, Development and Entrepreneurship Consultant, Chairman of the Board of PERREVIA Network, Chairman of the Board of the Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Thessaly Region-Greece); Georgios Mpatsolakis (VET trainer and advisor); Soumela Savvidou (Junior Researcher, Research Institute of Animal Science, General Directorate of Agricultural Research, Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “Demeter”, Giannitsa); Christina Adamaki (new entrepreneur; post graduate student, Department of Agriculture, University of Thessaly).