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Training event in Northern Italy

Event “Quality pig breeding techniques in Northern Italy”

During the four-days training event organised online by the project coordinator Dinamica from 26th to 29th July 2021, Italian experts and technicians from the pig sector shared with the participants from all project countries their experiences by discussing topics related to pig breeding and socio-economic activities in the agro-livestock sector, such as:
characteristics and development of free-range pig farming in Italy; environmental sustainability;
animal welfare;
an example of VET educational program on sustainable breeding in the “Antonio Zanelli” VET Institute;
professional training system dedicated to farmers in the Emilia-Romagna region;
socio-economic development of livestock farms through projects promoted by the Gran Sasso-Laga Park authority;
illustration of the first EU joint degree in green energy and finance;
role of agricultural inter-branch organizations and the experience of Operational Groups for Innovation in Emilia-Romagna.