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Motivation guide

The BREED motivation guide to quality breeding

The Guide is addressed to pig farming entrepreneurs – new or existing – and promotes the positive attitude towards the OER BREED VET toolkit for sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives in quality pig breeding.
The Guide is dedicated to important aspects of pig breeding that will help new or existing pig farm entrepreneurs to acquire new competencies and use the knowledge in their businesses, offering not only theoretical but practical advice as well.
Pig breeding requires knowledge, skills, and the right attitude so that it could be a profitable business. A farmer needs to know a lot of things about animals and the farm, also about the environment and the suitable production process.
The Guide is included in the OER BREED VET toolkit as component are a very enriching knowledge baggage which can be used in order to avoid many mistakes, which can be made when a person starts a new breeding business. 
Existing farmers also can find something new and helpful, which they can apply to their farms to the scope of achieving sustainable pig breeding.

Motivation Guide to quality pig breeding

Guida motivazionale all’allevamento del suino di qualità

Przewodnik motywacyjny do wysokiej jakości chowu świń

Οδηγός κινήτρων για ποιοτική εκτροφή χοίρων

Guia de motivação para a criação de suínos de qualidade

Motyvacijos vadovas kokybiškam kiaulių veisimui