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Outdoor breeding

The BREED free online training course on sustainable pig farming

The free online BREED training course on sustainable pig farming responds to the needs of farmers to establish and derive income from free-range pig farms. The course supports the learners to establish or develop a free-range pig farm by helping them to undertake all the actions which are needed.

The course addresses to students from the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, freely accessible under the guidance of VET teachers or trainers within VET training programmes, or in self-learning methodology, as well as to other users who could be existing or potential new pig breeders, or people who may gain necessary competencies for their career and future professional life.

The topics covered by the course will enable participants to gain knowledge and answers to many of the essential questions that a new livestock operator may have when starting a farm or improving the sustainability of an existing farm.

The course is available online open access in English, Italian, Polish, Greek, Portuguese and Lithuanian.

How to use the BREED training

  • The training is accessible by mobile, tablet, laptop, or personal computer, or a mix of these.
  • It is available in self-learning methodology.
  • You can undertake the course without any time restriction. Depending on your prior experience or studies, there might be parts of the course which you are already familiar with and on which, therefore, you may decide not to spend too much time. However, you are recommended to go through all the proposed study materials and exercises.
  • The paltform will record the parts of the course which you will go through.
  • The BREED training course consists of 14 Modules, which have been authored by the project team of specialists.
  • There is a test at the end of each Module, with any limits of attempts.
  • The completion of each Module will be achieved once the related test will be successfully passed.
  • Once passed a test, you will receive a Module Completion Certificate.

Access the online free BREED training course on sustainable pig farming