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The audience reached by the BREED project

The communication and promotion initiatives of the BREED project impacted potential users of its results in the project countries Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal and Lithuania, reaching a total audience of 200,000 people, consisting of VET teachers, traininers and students, esisting and new breeders, VET providers and designers, and stakeholders in general.

Some of the comments we received from the participants

From VET students and learners:
‘The BREED Toolkit is very useful. Thanks to the training, I acquired a lot of new information, which I will surely need.’
‘BREED is a great option to combine learning with fun. Everything is clear and I have no objections.’
‘Presentations are very clear, the tool is very useful for future farmers who want to work efficiently.’
‘I’m really satisfied with all the courses that I completed. You did a perfect job.’ 

From VET teachers and trainers:
‘Initiatives such as these that allow pig farming to be seen from a perspective of greater environmental sustainability are to be considered positive.’
‘The training modules are very well prepared’.
‘All the materials are excellent.’
‘The event and the material provided were very useful.’